Knowing Jesus.

Following Him.


My goal through my blog and life is that you may be encouraged and equipped in your knowledge of Jesus through His Word and that it would overflow from your life as you seek to know Jesus more and to live your life pleasing to Him.

Becoming Empty For God To Fill You

A few weeks ago, I wrote about "What Would Happen If We Fully Surrendered To God?" in reflection on a D.L. Moody quote. As I wrote it, another quote of His came to mind that I couldn't shake and felt was the perfect follow up: "I firmly believe that the moment our...

When God Says Move (Life Update On Following Jesus)

As you may have seen on Facebook last week: We’re moving!! From Florida to Washington State. What many of you might not know is that we made the opposite move (Washington State to Florida) in 2012 to help start a church. And ever since we moved to Florida we’ve had...

8 Ways You Can Live Out Your Faith In Jesus Even When You’re Stuck At Home

Being a Christian is far more than attending services on Sundays,And that has never been more obvious than with the social distancing situation we have right now. So, what can Christians do besides simply watching a video streamed online service? Obviously, being...

What Would Happen If We Fully Surrendered To God?

I wrote a few week's ago on "Surrendering to God’s Plan" and, as God would have it, I was (unrelated reasons) reading through some notes from a book I had read and came across this wonderful quote: Mr. Henry Varley challenged D.L. Moody that, "the world has yet to see...

Bible Study Resources

Discover truths in God’s Word and how to study and learn from the Bible on your own.

Discipleship And Spiritual Growth

Applying God’s Word to our lives in the way He always intended: by His grace and by the power of His Spirit.

Resources For Church Leaders

A small collection of my favorite resources and ideas for pastors and church leaders.

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