Knowing Jesus.

Following Him.


My goal through my blog and life is that you may be encouraged and equipped in your knowledge of Jesus through His Word and that it would overflow from your life as you seek to know Jesus more and to live your life pleasing to Him.

Trust God, Even When You Don’t Know the Details

You may have heard the phrase: “Don’t abandon what you know, For that which you don’t know.” I can’t remember where I heard that quote first, but it came to mind during yesterday’s sermon at our church. You see, our pastor was going through Mark 12:18-27 where...

Waiting On God (And Thriving In The Transition)

Have you ever felt like you closed a big chapter of your life, And the next one hasn’t started? Although some of us may experience this more than others, I think most of us have had this feeling at some point. Personally, I feel like I’ve had many of these...

The Problem With “Thoughts And Prayers” (For The Christian)

You’ve probably seen the memes that get passed around basically pointing and making fun of the “thoughts and prayers” posts that spring up whenever a tragedy happens. And I get it. We live in a culture dominated by "armchair warriors" who have rarely lifted a...

Responding To The Fallout Of Christian Leaders (Specifically After Joshua Harris)

You’ve probably heard the expression to “never meet your heroes” because you’ll find that they are just as flawed as everyone else. This is never more clearly seen than in the wake of a prominent Christian leader or pastor who chooses to walk away from believing...

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Discover truths in God’s Word and how to study and learn from the Bible on your own.

Discipleship And Spiritual Growth

Applying God’s Word to our lives in the way He always intended: by His grace and by the power of His Spirit.

Resources For Church Leaders

A small collection of my favorite resources and ideas for pastors and church leaders.

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