Knowing Jesus.

Following Him.


My goal through my blog and life is that you may be encouraged and equipped in your knowledge of Jesus through His Word and that it would overflow from your life as you seek to know Jesus more and to live your life pleasing to Him.

The Life Of Peter (How We Can Follow Jesus)

Yesterday, I got to teach in the older kids class at our church. We've been going through the book of Mark and are about to cover the crucifixion, but before we got there we were doing some character studies. I got to teach on the life of Peter. Peter is probably one...

Being Still Before God

When this post goes live, we will be at a 2 day retreat with our church and I'm sure we'll be having a great time. Over the years, I have been to dozens of conferences and heavy Bible teaching courses, but there's something incredibly special about retreats, whether...

My Favorite 7 Books I Read In 2019

In 2019 I read over 20 books! Which is far more than I've ever read before (I can't suggest audio books enough). With that said, they were all very good, but I thought I'd share my favorite 7 books with you and a brief summary of each in case you're interested in...

My Top 10 Posts In 2019

I've seen a lot of "best of" type posts and I thought I would join in. Most of these were written in 2019, but I was surprised to see a few posts hit the 10 most read in 2019 even though it was written years ago. I hope you enjoy them and find encouragement from what...

Bible Study Resources

Discover truths in God’s Word and how to study and learn from the Bible on your own.

Discipleship And Spiritual Growth

Applying God’s Word to our lives in the way He always intended: by His grace and by the power of His Spirit.

Resources For Church Leaders

A small collection of my favorite resources and ideas for pastors and church leaders.

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