Bible Study

Understanding God’s Word.

Since God has taken the time to write down the things He wants to tell us, it is extremely important that we take the time to learn what He has said.

Below are some resources to help you as you study the Bible.

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My Favorite Resources For Studying The Bible

My Favorite Resources For Studying The Bible

Lately, I've been asked a lot about resources for studying the Bible and thought I'd put a collection of my favorites here. These are specifically for people who are not familiar with studying the...

Being Still Before God (Part 2)

Being Still Before God (Part 2)

A few months ago, our church took a weekend retreat together which caused me to write a post titled "Being Still Before God" which was a reflection on how we need to slow down and take time to be...

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Bible Apps

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Bible Overviews

“The Bible Project” is one of the coolest YouTube channels I’ve seen. They tell the overarching story and purpose of each book of the Bible in an incrediblly visual way. They also have other Bible topics available.

Old Testament Overview

New Testament Overview

The Bible Project YouTube Channel

“The Bible From 30,000 Feet” from Skip Heitzig is one of my favorite Bible series of all time. You can download the audio on the website for FREE or even buy the book.

Get The Audio

Get The Book

Audio Bible Studies

“Through The Word” is an ongoing project to have every chapter of the Bible explained simply and clearly. They have multiple different teachers to break down each chapter of the Bible into 9 minute explainations. On the app, you can listen to the passage read aloud or to the teaching on the exact chapter. This is an incredible resource and great way to start looking at a chapter of the Bible with fresh eyes or to understand it for the first time.


iPhone/iPad App

Android App

RECOMMENDED Study Resources

ESV Study Bible

I don’t personally like using a study Bible because I like having my commentaries seperate from my Bible, but the commentary found in the ESV Study Bible is great.

Downloadable Bible Studies

Below are 14 two-page bible studies from the Greg Laurie Harvest Ministries that walk through some of foundational truths about salvation, faith, the Holy Spirit, etc. They are great tools to go through by yourself or with someone else.

Click HERE to download the entire study, or click below for a specific one.

Study 4:

Study 5:

Study 6:
Who Is Jesus

Study 9:

Study 10:

Study 12:

Study 14:

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