The New Asana

I've been so excited for this update!

Asana as been announcing this update for a little while and I've been excited to see what's new. It's mainly been a visual update with little/no function change, yet that's not bad.

Here's the basics for the web and iOS versions.

Web Version

1. Color Changes

They've removed their classic blue color and replaced it with an orange and red gradient with a couple blue and turquoise colors thrown in. This is seen really well in the task creation window. They've made the color absent except for what you're hovering over, which was also a nice touch.

2. Simpler Interface

As seen below they've removed some visual clutter to make these pages full of your tasks and not distracting features.

3. Section Changes

My FAVORITE part of this update is that the sections are SO MUCH BETTER! They have a horizontal line that really helps separate them visually, and the tasks are indented much more pronounced to help bring visual separation. This is by far the best change they made.

iOS Changes

The phone is pretty much the same story. Different colors, simpler interface, and the sections are much more pronounced. Overall, not much to be said, but sometimes it's the little things that can make big differences.

The one notable change (besides the amazing sections) is that the task creation (3rd picture) is naturally more efficient because the options (task, task for me, and conversation) are not only at the bottom (where your thumb already is) rather than the center, but they are also more spaced so that you don't have to look as closely when choosing one and it can have more muscle memory rather than having to pay more attention when choosing as the old task creation page did.

I hope that you love this update as much as I do. Even when the functionality doesn't change much, visual changes are always interesting and inspiring so enjoy the update!

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