My Top 3 iOS Widgets

Since introducing widgets, many apps have added the capability of being in the “Today” section on for your iPhone and iPad. It’s become so popular that many have added the capability very poorly just so it’s available. Some, however, have aced the Today section. Here are my top 3 widgets:

1. Clips

This is my FAVORITE widget by far. This app puts a widget in your Today Section which allows for you to save text on past clipboards. It can do far more, such as pasting the source or title of a saved text and not just the text itself, or you can use it as a basic clipboard history option (which is what I do). You do have to pull down the notification bar and click the “+” button to store the current clipboard, but it is extremely fast and easy to save your clipboard which is still not a feature built into iOS.

Clips in the App Store

2. Calendar

As much as I don’t like Apple’s built in calendar app, it is still the only calendar widget I like (go figure). So many calendar app widgets try to have too many features or they have a list of today’s events but without a visual reference of how long they are or the space between them. I like how the built in calendar app shows every hour of the day from the next/current appointment to the last so that you can see what is upcoming, roughly how long they are, and about how much time is in-between them without having to look at specific times.

The Calendar App is Default in Every iOS Device

3. DataMan Next

As a heavy iPhone user, I need to keep up on how much data I’ve used each month and I’ve found DataMan Next to be extremely accurate. I’ve also liked having it in my Today Section so that I can have the app tucked away in an “Unused” folder and not have it cluttering up my home screen. It’s very easy to scroll down to the bottom of my Today Section and glance as my data usage every few days. It’s quick, easy, and gets the job done.

DataMan Next in the App Store

There are so many to choose from and I always like trying out new ones. Below are the other widgets I use, but could easily live without:

Camera+ (quick photo option) (App Store Link)
Kindle (App Store Link)
Hours Tracker (App Store Link)
Traffic Conditions (Built Into iOS)
Batteries (Built Into iOS)
Deliveries (App Store Link)

What is your favorite widget for iOS?

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