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People are worth the mess

My wife and son have been visiting family out of state for the past week, and life has been much… simpler.

It was weird. That first day coming home after being out of the house all day. It was exactly the way I left it.

No toys out. No dishes to do. No clothes to put away. Nothing to clean because... It had been empty all day.

I had forgotten how simple life was by yourself. I immediately reverted back to my college days when I would have one plate, one bowl, one fork, one spoon, one knife, and one glass.

In many ways it was not only simpler, but easier.

But oh how I missed my family.

Turn to God wherever you are

Have you ever disobeyed God? Gone against His Word and simply messed up your life? We’ve all been in a place when we’ve strayed away from Him and His perfect will. Where we’ve found ourselves far from Him and we know we need to turn back to Him.

However, the lie that is so prevalent throughout generations is that you need to clean up your act before you go to God.

But God says to simply turn to Him wherever you are.

Our duty as parents

Solomon gets a lot of credit for being the wisest man who has ever lived - and rightfully so. The Bible clearly teaches that he was.

His wisdom came from an interaction with God where God offered to give Solomon anything he would ask, and Solomon asked for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:7-13, 1 Kings 3:1-15). It was by the grace and mercy of God that Solomon would be so wise and successful, But what led Solomon to ask God for wisdom?

His parents.