And Spiritual Growth.

Below are blog posts and resources to help you in your journey as you follow Jesus. Keep in mind that a big part of becoming like Jesus is getting to know Him and His Word better, so I encourage you to also check out these resources to help you study the Bible.

Recent Spiritual Growth Blog Posts

New Year, Same God

New Year, Same God

"New Year, New Me." Have you seen that phrase around? It's a popular saying this time of year. It brings ideas of being a whole new person in this new year. But is it really true? Did you transform...

Being Still Before God (Part 2)

Being Still Before God (Part 2)

A few months ago, our church took a weekend retreat together which caused me to write a post titled "Being Still Before God" which was a reflection on how we need to slow down and take time to be...

Books And Study Resources

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