How Many People In Your Community Could You Reach If You Had $120,000 In Ads That Only Cost Your Church $2,000?

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What It Is

Google Ad Grants For NonProfits

Google offers 501c(3) nonprofits (including churches) to receive $10,000 in Google Ad Credit per month! To get this grant, you have to go through their application process and follow their specific grant guidelines on ad creation and management.

Why Google Is So Important

Google not only is the go-to online search engine, but it’s specifically where people go when they are looking for something. If they search for “worship services” or “churches near me” it’s because they want to go! There are many churches (maybe even yours) who are almost invisible on Google! Google Ad Grants guarantees you a front page spot.

The Possibilities

6 Ways Your Church Can Use Google Ad Grants

With $10,000 in ads per month, the possibilities are endless. Here are a few examples of ways we’ve seen Google Ad Grants work and how it can help your church.

Sunday & Mid-Week Services

People are constantly searching for “churches near me” and “Sunday worship service”. Right now, they probably aren’t finding you, but they should be.

Special Services

Every Christmas and Easter there are hundreds of people in your area looking for a service to attend. You can make sure that your services are found first by being on Google’s 1st page every time.

Outreach Events

If you’re hosting a special outreach event that your local community will be looking for, then you can be sure they’re searching on Google!

Kids Ministries & Youth Groups

When looking for a church, parents often look for thriving kids and youth ministries. Usually parents have to comb through a church website to find the youth group information, but you can put links to yours at the top of the list in Google Searches for “youth group” or “kids ministry”.

Local Events

If your church has a booth at a local event: why not promote it? You can get incredible results and help become a community staple by being seen everywhere in things going on in your local city. In fact, we were able to get massive visibility in our city by spending $35 on a local city event (and the only work we did was get a few volunteers for a booth!).

Local Resources

One of the easiest ways to get local recognition is by providing a list of resources for your local community. You can send people to that page if they need information on local schools, government assistant, food banks, homeless shelters, or any other services provided in your area. This page can also be a great opportunity to share the Gospel and things that your church is doing.

Your Church

How We Will Help Your Church In This Process

Initial Setup

We will set up your Google Ad Grants on your behalf and an initial 3 campaigns (for example: your Sunday services, Weekly Groups, and an upcoming outreach).

Ongoing Grant Maintenance

Google Ad Grants requires you stay within their ongoing maintenance guidelines. We will ensure these requirements are kept in order to keep your account active.

Additional Campaigns

We can add additional Google Ad campaigns to your account for a one time set up fee.

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