“New Year, New Me.”

Have you seen that phrase around?

It’s a popular saying this time of year. It brings ideas of being a whole new person in this new year.

But is it really true?

Did you transform into a better and more able person when the clock struck midnight?

Probably not.

And, even so, should we put our hope in our ability to design a perfect life this coming year?

I hope you don’t.

The reality is, as good as New Year resolutions are and as useful as the motivation from a new calendar can be…

January 1st, 2021 isn’t very different from December 31st, 2020.

Change happens overtime, not with the flip of a calendar.

So, instead of “new year, new me” I propose something different:

New Year, Same God.

The calendar year changes
Our situations change over time
We, ourselves, change over time
But God,
He stays the same.

He is our solid rock,
Our firm foundation,
The One we can trust and rely on in the midst of a world of unknown.

I don’t know if 2021 will be any different than 2020.

I don’t know if 2021 will be any better or worse than 2020.

But I know the God Who is faithful through it all.

More hopeful than relying on a new year,
And certainly more hopeful than relying on a new me to hold everything together,
I want to rely on the same God Who is faithful to all generations.

I hope you do the same.

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