I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Hurry Up And Read” where they read old Christian books aloud on the podcast (that have entered public domain).

I’ve enjoyed this book so much that I wanted to share with you some of my favorite quotes and thoughts I wrote down while going through the book. They’re great to meditate on, and if you like them, you can go listen to them too, or read the book “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” for yourself.

“Contentment is to “keep under” God’s authority. To submit to Him in all things. His power, His decisions, His protection, His will.”

My note: To do this effectively, we must remember that God is good and that He knows more than us, and sees things we cannot see.

“Whether you are content or not, can you change the Providence of God?” (And would you want to?)

My note: A great challenge to remind ourselves when we are discontent.

“In active obedience we worship God by doing what pleases God, but by passive obedience we do as well worship God but being pleased with what God does.”

My note: Contentment brings worship to God as it embraces His godness in our lives above us and our subjection to Him.

“It is right that the LORD should do with this poor creature what He will. I am under His feet and am resolved to do what I can to honor Him. And whatever He does with me I will seek Him as long as I live. I will be content with what God gives and whether He gives or not I will be content.”

“A Christian should consider how murmuring and discontentedness are so below the dignity of the place God has put us in. The lowest Christian is a Son of the King of Heaven and Earth.”

My note: When we complain, murmur or are discontent, we are becoming the slaves of our afflictions and situation as they are controlling our emotions and lives. This is below the place that God has desired to place us.

There are many more quotes and thoughts shared in the book, those are just a few for you to consider and think about.

Have a wonderful day!

All of Grace by Charles Spurgeon
We Need God's Spirit to Bear the Fruit of the Spirit

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