I’m a productivity nerd. I love searching for ways technology can improve our lives, how it can make processes faster, smoother, and easier, so that we can get more done, spend less money, and have more free time.

At the time of this writing I currently have 204 apps on my iPhone. Now, some of those apps are a few games I keep for friend’s kids (and a couple for myself). Some are apps my wife likes me to have in case her phone’s not around, but the majority are ones I’ve tested in my search to find the best use of my phone, yet rarely open. However, there are some apps on my iPhone and Mac that have proven to be indispensable. Apps that, when I’m on other people’s devices, make me look completely incompetent because I’m so used to the benefits my apps bring me. These apps are lifesavers, and I want to share them with you.

Here’s a list of apps I use frequently, I’ll begin writing reviews and “how-tos” on these and link each of those posts back to this one. The apps are in no particular order because I enjoy them all so much. I hope you find them as useful as I do! (I’ve linked each one to their respective app store for now.)

Invaluable iOS (iPhone) Apps

Evernote (checkout my post on Evernote!) (and this one too!)
Things / Asana
Buffer / Hootsuite

Frequently Used iOS (iPhone) Apps

Church Metrics
Tweetbot / Twitter
Week Calendar
Launch Center Pro / Workflow (now Siri Shortcuts)
Text Expander (here’s how I use Text Expander!)

Invaluable OSX (Mac) Apps

Keyboard Maestro
Text Expander (here’s how I use Text Expander!)
Dropbox (here’s some uses for Dropbox!)
PDF Pen (Pro)
Evernote (checkout my post on Evernote!) (and this one too!)

Do you have a favorite app you use? I’d love to hear it, I always like trying out new ones!

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