We all know that having a website is important. But HOW important your church website? Next week, I want to give some ideas on how you can afford a great church website, but first, let me help you consider what you’re investing in.

Your website is:

Your church’s “front door”

1 out of 3 people surveyed said that they will visit a church website before ever visiting the church. That same article also said that 46% of people say a church’s website was an important factor for them in picking a church to visit. This places a huge value on your church website. And because Google has made it so your website can, and will, be found by anyone interested in your church, you need to put your best foot forward by having a good one.

A long-term resource

As I wrote about last week, your website can serve as a huge resource to not only your current and eventual attendees, but also to your local community, and anywhere else with an Internet connection. It’s amazing to know that our blog posts, sermons, etc. can encourage, equip and serve nearly anyone in the world – at no additional cost! This means that not only does your website have great value today, but it has potential to grow increasingly valuable with time.

Your online “hub”

Social media is great for interaction, but we never know what the next trend will be or which groups will choose move onto the next new thing. Email and websites have proven themselves to be the guaranteed way to keep in longterm contact with an audience, including the members of your church. Rather than banking on information being sent out to and received by a general audience over social media, we can have everything people need available on our website. This way, when all other communication fails, people know where to go.

I hope this was a great reminder and encouragement on how your website can benefit your church. Do you have any ideas for why a church’s website is so valuable that you would like to add?

Next week I’ll be writing about how I believe any church can afford a great website that is appropriate to their size and situation. So be ready to learn how you can get a website that you’ll be happy to send people to!

Resources for your church

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