One of my biggest productivity lifesavers has been that I can (and do) take quick notes on anything I might need later.

If you know anything about me, you probably know that I love technology. So what I mean by “notepad” is not that you have to acquire a physical book, but rather a “go to” place for you to write down any idea, todo, question, quote, etc that comes to mind.

I personally LOVE the iOS application Drafts (link to app store).

I’ll eventually get to a whole post regarding how I use Drafts, but for the purpose of this tip, just know, I write EVERYTHING down in it. Whether it be a blog post idea, thoughts that occur to me throughout the day, prayer requests, or any of the other ideas listed above.

The reason this is so powerful is that it helps free your mind from having to remember all of these random bits of important information throughout the day. Back in the day, these books were called “Field Notes” and there’s been a wave of people returning to this concept of having a singular place we write down notes on the go.

So whether you go out and buy a physical notepad, or if you go digital like me, I encourage you to have something that is your default place to store little bits of information. Doing so will help you keep from little things slipping through the cracks as we all have hundreds of pieces of information thrown at as each day.

I hope this tip helps you stay just a little more on top of your game.

Happy note taking!

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