I definitely preferred digital options over physical ones.

I didn’t use a physical Bible for about two years. I had one, but I had begun using my phone and I loved it. I really liked being able to highlight things and know that it’ll be there forever. I also liked being able to use different colors for different times I read through the same passage so I could start “fresh” each time, but also be able to refer to past highlights and notes if I wanted to.

The fact is. Digital is great.

But there’s no doubt that bringing your physical Bible with you will have a huge impact on your life and ministry for one simple reason.

Your physical Bible brings a spiritual weight to your life.

Yes, it does physically add weight as well, which is why we so often don’t bring it, but it also adds a spiritual weight that a phone, or even memorized Bible verses can’t.

I don’t mean that you should bring some huge overbearing Bible and make sure you’re putting it in noticeable places and trying to look spiritual, but there is a personal benefit to having a physical reminder that our minds, hearts, and lives need to be centered around God Himself. When we bring our Bible with us, even if we don’t open it, we have a physical reminder to be focused on things above, and not on things below.

Although you might be able to find a verse faster on your phone, or be able to flip through commentaries, or multiple translations on a digital version – these options will never bring the physical reminder that a Bible does of God’s presence in your life and how God desires to speak to you, and speak through you every moment of every day.

Regardless of what you choose to carry with you each day, I hope that this helps remind you to be brining some sort of reminder wherever you go for yourself to focus on Jesus, His Word, and your relationship with Him.

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