“God with us…”

The promise that was fulfilled on Christmas.

Jesus came in the fullness of God,
to be among us,
and to bring us the Good News.

That, although we had separated ourselves from God…
He was reaching out to us…
He was going to pay our debt…
And He would mend our relationship with Him forever…

Christmas time is always full of busyness and things to do,
But even still, I think many of us still find a calming peace because the day is filled with this sense that ‘God is with us’ (Emmanuel).

But now, Christmas has passed.

And for many of us, the peace has left, and the craziness has remained.

But, ‘God With Us’ wasn’t meant for a single day.

Jesus’ life, mission and ultimate accomplishment started on this day…

But He embodied “Emmanuel” every day of his life – and now tells us that we are given His Spirit to be with us so we can celebrate “God With Us” every day of our lives.

Even now, Jesus says that He, through His Spirit, wishes to bring us…


And hope.

We celebrate Jesus’ birth on Christmas.
But we can celebrate His life today, tomorrow and forever.

And, as Jesus described His mission so eloquently…

“I came that they [we] may have life and have it abundantly.” -Jesus (John 10:10)

So… Christmas is over.

But Jesus isn’t.

Don’t let Him be contained to a day or season.
Don’t let Him become a mere inspiration or example.

Let Jesus be your Savior, God, and King.

So that He may come into your Spirit,
Do the mending between you and Him – as only He can do,
So that He may fill you with life abundantly.

Not necessarily money,
or fame,
or status,
or ease…

But fullness of LIFE.
Now and for eternity.

May you seek Him,
Receive Him
And receive life from Him every day as we look to this next year.

Happy New Year!

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