Lately, I’ve been asked a lot about resources for studying the Bible and thought I’d put a collection of my favorites here. These are specifically for people who are not familiar with studying the Bible and need help both with general context of Scriptures and while also wanting to learn how to study for themselves.

There are many more resources than I’ll specifically suggest here. In fact, there are some that are on my Bible Resources and Discipleship Resources pages that I’ll mention here, while there are still others on those pages that I won’t – so go check them out.

The YouVersion Bible App

This Bible App is awesome. They have reading plans, tons of devotionals and you can also simply read the Bible.

Here’s some links to that app:




The Bible Project Videos

“The Bible Project” is one of the coolest YouTube channels I’ve seen. They tell the overarching story and purpose of each book of the Bible in an incredibly visual way. They also have other Bible topics available.

Here are links to their Old Testament and New Testament overview playlists and the general channel.

Old Testament Overview

New Testament Overview

The Bible Project YouTube Channel

The Bible From 30,000 Feet (Audio Bible Teaching)

“The Bible From 30,000 Feet” from Skip Heitzig is one of my favorite Bible series of all time. You can download the audio on the website for FREE or even buy the book.

Get the Audio

Buy the book

Through The Word (Audio Bible Teachings)

“Through The Word” is an ongoing project to have every chapter of the Bible explained simply and clearly. They have multiple different teachers to break down each chapter of the Bible into 9 minute explanations. On the app, you can listen to the passage read aloud or to the teaching on the exact chapter. This is an incredible resource and great way to start looking at a chapter of the Bible with fresh eyes or to understand it for the first time.


iPhone/iPad App

Android App

The 3 Circles Video Training

There are many different methods that people have created to share the Gospel, but one of my favorites is called the “3 Circles” which was created by the North American Mission Board.

I’ve actually dedicated a page on my blog just to their video series and mobile apps. You can check out the whole training at this link and you can find more resources on their website at

Greg Laurie “Start To Follow” and Bible Study Guides

Greg Laurie is a Christian evangelist who puts on crusades all throughout the United States. Since he and his team interact with so many new believers, they’ve put together awesome resources for new believers.

Their first resource is called “Start To Follow”. It’s a small booklet that walks a new believer through some of the basics of being a Christian. It answers questions like why do we read the Bible, why do we go to church, etc. You can buy the book at this link or download the PDF at this link.

Their second resource is a 14 part Bible study where it guides you through different topics such as “salvation,” “the power of the Holy Spirit,” “prayer,” “trials” and more. These study guides are 2 pages and help the reader to follow through scripture to find the answers to the questions in the study as they discover what God has to say about these topics. You can download a PDF of the whole 14 part series at this link.

Blue Letter Bible Website And App

Before you start investing in buying commentaries or books to study the Bible, I cannot recommend Blue Letter Bible enough. They have a website and mobile apps and are full of tons of resources.

These free tool includes complex word searches, original Greek and Hebrew definitions, related verses and a ton of awesome commentaries. My personal favorite they offer is David Guzik and I definitely suggest that you check it out as you study the Bible. Here are links to Blue Letter Bible


iPhone/iPad App

Android App

More Resources As You Study

I’ve written many blog posts on various Bible topics that you can check out at this link.

But, more specifically, I have written two posts on how to study the Bible that I hope will help you on your journey as well:

How To Study The Bible (Part 1)

How To Study The Bible (Part 2)

I hope these resources help you as you desire to study and understand the Bible more.

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