I’ve seen a lot of “best of” type posts and I thought I would join in.

Most of these were written in 2019, but I was surprised to see a few posts hit the 10 most read in 2019 even though it was written years ago.

I hope you enjoy them and find encouragement from what were my top 10 most read posts in 2019. (They’re ordered with #1 being the top read post).

1: Responding To The Fallout Of Christian Leaders (Specifically After Joshua Harris)

2: The Fruit of the Spirit Is… Self-Control

3: Forgiven And Empowered To Forgive (Mark 11:25–26)

4: The Problem With “Thoughts And Prayers” (For The Christian)

5: The Birthday Of a Friend Who Has Passed

6: Jesus’ Family Tree

7: Receiving Life From Jesus, Unlike The Rich Young Ruler (Mark 10:17–27)

8: Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6)

9: A Child Born, A Son Given (Isaiah 9:6)

10: The Love Of God

My Favorite 7 Books I Read In 2019
Joy Writing Challenge (Week 4, Days 23-31)

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