Solomon gets a lot of credit for being the wisest man who has ever lived – and rightfully so. The Bible clearly teaches that he was.

His wisdom came from an interaction with God where God offered to give Solomon anything he would ask, and Solomon asked for wisdom (2 Chronicles 1:7-13, 1 Kings 3:1-15). It was by the grace and mercy of God that Solomon would be so wise and successful, But what led Solomon to ask God for wisdom?

His parents.

Solomon had developed a desire for wisdom and a relationship with God through his parents upbringing. It is scattered throughout all of his proverbs, how his father or mother would remind him to seek after, to love and to cherish wisdom.

What a great reminder of a parent’s responsibility to our kids. We cannot empower them (as only God can), or choose their path (as only they can), but we are given the responsibility to set an example and encourage their decisions regarding how to respond to Jesus with their lives.

Although God’s entrance into our lives is rarely as bold and upfront as His with Solomon, every person does receive an entrance from God. He is constantly moving and offering a relationship to people.

The question for us is: how are we receiving His coming?

And for parents: how are you preparing your child to receive God entering into their lives? Are you teaching them of Jesus? Are you setting an example of a life surrendered to Him?

Although children ultimately choose for themselves, we are blessed with the honor of being one of the most influential people in someone else’s life – our children’s. Lets use that opportunity, to the best of our ability, for their good and God’s glory.

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