As a pastor or ministry leader, I’m sure you can relate to the onslaught of email that comes daily into our lives. Here’s my favorite email tip with “Respond To Email While Reading.”

Respond While Reading

One of the best tips I ever heard for email management was to respond to emails while you read them the first time. You will save so much time if you do this because you won’t have to go back through the email in order to respond to it. It also helps keeps you from reading multiple emails, just to have to re-read them again later. Obviously, this may not work all the time as you can’t do this easily on a phone, or tablet, but to have this be your default action on the computer will save you a lot of time. This method also doesn’t work well for sensitive emails that will require additional thought before responding. However, I find it’s good to get a first draft written while reading a sensitive email and then saving your response to allow for more prayer, and thought before editing, finalizing, and sending your response.

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