As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been listening to a podcast called “Hurry Up And Read” where they read old Christian books aloud on the podcast (that have entered public domain).

As such, here are some quotes and notes from another book I’ve listened to on that podcast. They’re great to meditate on, and if you like them, you can go listen to them too, or read the book, “The Great Gain Of Godliness” by Thomas Watson, yourself.

When others spoke against God, these spoke for God.”

(referring to Malachi 3:16–18)

“To profess religion, when the times favor it, is no great matter. Almost all will court the Gospel Queen when she is hung with jewels, but to own the ways of God when they are decried and maligned, to love a persecuted truth, this evidence is a vital principle of goodness. Dead fish swim down the stream, living fish swim against it. To swim against the common stream of evil shows grace to be alive.”

“Sin is never the better because it is in fashion.”

My note: No matter what everyone else says, we need to follow what God says.

“Lack of the fear of God, is the cause of all innate wickedness.”

“Men do not fear God because they have no knowledge of God.”

(refering to Proverbs 1:29)

“Men do not fear God because they presume on his mercy… but God’s mercy is for those who fear Him: “And his mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation.” – Luke 1:50

“Do you have knowledge, so has Satan
Do you have profession, so has Satan
But do you have filial fear (one of a son or daughter): in this you excel him.
The fear of God is not our plea of heaven, but our evidence of heaven.”

“The majesty of God is seen in the humbling of pride.”

“The fear of God is a Christian’s safety.
He’s invulnerable, nothing can hurt him.
Plunder him of his money, he carries a treasure about him, which he cannot be robbed (Isaiah 33:6).
Cast him into prison, his conscience is free.
Kill his body, he shall rise again.
He who has on this breastplate of God’s fear, may be shot at but can never be shot through.”

“What were the apostate angels damned for? Was it for any more than proud thoughts?”

“I would rather obey than work miracles.” – Martin Luther

“How shall we arrive at this blessed fear? Answer:

1. Let us set God ever in our eye. Study His immensity. He is God, almighty (Genesis 17:1). He gives laws to the angels, binds the consciences of men, cuts off princes. He breaks the spirit of rulers, He is feared by the kings of the earth (Psalm 76:12). The thoughts of God’s incomprehensible greatness should strike a holy awe in our hearts. Elijah wrapped his face in a mantle when God’s glory passed by. The reason men do not fear God is because they entertain slight thoughts of Him. “You thought I was altogether like you” (Psalm 50:21).

2. Let us pray for this fear of God, which is the root of all holiness and the mother of all wisdom. “Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name (Psalm 86:11). The Lord has promised to put His fear in our heart (Jeremiah 32:40). Let us pray over this promise. While some pray for riches, and others for children, let us pray for a heart to fear God.”

“His [God’s] ways are secret, but never unjust.”

“Tremble at sinful thoughts. We startle at gross sin, but we do not tremble at sinful thoughts.”

What should the matter of our meditation be?

– Think of God’s immense being
– Think of God’s omnipotence
– Think of God’s holiness
– Think of God’s mercy
– Think of God’s veracity (abundance of truth)

“Though God is sometimes silent – He is not deaf!”

“See the privilege of the godly – they have God’s ear! ’The Lord hearkened and heart!’ ‘His ears are open unto their cry!’ (Psalm 34:15)

“If God records our services, then let us record His mercies. Let us have our book of remembrance. A Christian should keep two books always beside him. One to write his sins in, that he may be humble. The other to write his mercies in, that he may be thankful.”

“A person falling on hard times, and then marring a king, has a share in all the crown revenues.”

“What richer dowery than diety.”

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