Out of the many ways you can save time, templates is one of the best. They can be huge timesavers in almost any situation, so here are four ideas for you.


The most classic of templates are forms. These can be anything from your background check forms for childcare to the forms you use for new volunteers. As I’ve written about before, we use Google Forms as some of our template forms and they are great. However, make sure you don’t use them for sensitive information though, as warned by Google.

Email Blasts

Mailchimp has been awesome for our weekly ebulletin that we send out and I love the system we have for them, ever since setting up our basic template we’ve simple plugged in the relevant information and scheduled it to go out.

General text

As I’ve written about before, I love using Text Expander as my choice app for text expansion which is a way to make a template out of any text you write frequently. I use templates for general text such as addresses, phone numbers, emails, web addresses, and more that I type frequently.

Anything repeated

One rule of thumb I have with templates is if it’ll be quicker to use a template, then you should make one for anything you do more than once. This could include things like sign up sheets, bulletins, or even for the weekly Instagram pic you send out for the songs you sang at church. There are many ways you could use a template, and so I encourage you to think about anything you’ve done more than once and ask if you should make a template for it.

Do you have any examples of things you’ve made templates for? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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