We all have many things to do and desire be productive, but sometimes we get caught up reinventing the wheel rather than becoming more efficient. This is the benefit of creating a workflow.

I define a workflow as:

“A pattern of steps or processes that will allow you to more efficiently act on common tasks or situations.”

In everyday life, this means that if you will be doing something more than a couple times, you should take the time to evaluate the best method for accomplishing the task and then set yourself on autopilot.

Sometimes this involves using an app or system that truly is automated, but normally it’s just you doing the same steps the same way. Regardless of what yours looks like, creating a workflow will help you in two ways:

1. It frees up mental energy

Silly as it sounds, there is mental energy being spent on ever decision you make. This is why many productivity books and blogs emphasis a morning routine (which is essentially a “workflow”). Choosing your course of action ahead of time helps your mind from becoming bogged down with the hundreds of other things you’re already thinking about.

2. It makes you faster

Creating a workflow also allows you to accomplish your tasks faster. Rather than slight pauses as you decide what to do next, your body is able to move onto the next step without hesitation. This is why if you change the height of stairs by only a couple inches, people have extreme difficulty walking up them. Checkout this funny video showing how even one stair can make a difference.

The benefits to creating a workflow process are long lasting and extremely beneficial, so why not begin this mindset today? As you go through your workday, stop reinventing the wheel and to instead choose to see patterns in your work and setup your own workflows, or routines, to help free up your mind, and speed up your work.

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